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Three Lanes Of Traffic Come To A Halt So Family Of Ducks Can Safely Cross

"This makes my heart happy!"

Recently, amid the rat race of morning rush hour, a group of kindhearted motorists in New Zealand proved that they hadn't lost sight of what matters most.

And now their simple show of compassion for one feathered family has gone viral.


Last Friday, on a busy highway near downtown Auckland, a mother duck and her babies found themselves in a very perilous position. Somehow, they'd become stranded on the center median — mere inches from the wheels of passing cars with no clear route of escape.

But then something heartwarming happened: People began stopping to clear a path for the ducks across three lanes of traffic, their efforts prompted only by a shared concern for the birds' well-being.

As the New Zealand Traffic Authority (NZTA) tweeted, the thoughtful gesture did cause minor delays, but the response online has been overwhelmingly positive.

"That's an awesome example for equally respecting animals!" one Twitter user commented. "It's good to come across such news and [I"m] feeling happy that there's still humanity prevailing in a society!"

"This makes my heart happy!" another wrote.

The post has been liked and retweeted nearly 10,000 times. It's fair to say people's days were brightened.

The ducks required assistance after the video ended, but according to the NZTA, police soon arrived on the scene to get the ducks to a safe place.

Hopefully, that scary close call will be their last — but it's nice to know there are still plenty of people willing to help them out, just in case.

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