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Worried Mother Duck Is So Grateful These People Are Saving Her Babies

"Every Mama needs a little help from time to time."

This sweet mother duck couldn't have been more worried after all her little ducklings fell into a storm drain and ended up trapped.

But thanks to a few kindhearted humans, all was soon set right again.

Gilbert Fire and Rescue

This week, Arizona's Gilbert Fire and Rescue released footage of their work recovering the babies one by one from their perilous situation. But while the rescue operation is certainly commendable, what's most striking is how the concerned mother behaved throughout the process.

Rather than watch from afar, keeping her distance from the rescuers, she stuck close by — overseeing their efforts like a grateful parent, understanding that they were there to help.

Before long, the entire feathered family was reunited.

They were last seen waddling away as a group, hopefully avoiding trouble going forward.

Gilbert Fire and Rescue

For the rescuers involved, seeing the ducks all together again made the whole operation worthwhile — especially at this time of year.

"Every Mama needs a little help from time to time and our crews are happy to help whenever they can," Gilbert Fire and Rescue wrote online. "Mother's Day is right around the corner. It is safe to say our new Mama Duck friend has all of her ducklings in a row for her special day."

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