Watch This Sweet Mama Bear Help Her Babies Get Across The Road Safely

They’re SO tiny 😍

At the height of spring, baby animals are everywhere — and not far ahead of them are their loving moms.

Among the most protective and cautious of animal moms are bears, and earlier this month hiker Rebecca Connell was in for a treat during a drive through Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains.

As she rounded the bend, she noticed a large mother bear carefully coaxing her four little babies across the road safely.

One after one, the little cubs trekked their way across the road with their wobbly legs and tiny paws to follow their mom into the woods. From a distance, the family almost resembled a mother duck and her ducklings.

Keeping her distance, Connell filmed the entire scene and now thousands of people have viewed and shared the adorable video online.

This mama bear meant business — and it’s a sweet moment that Connell won’t ever forget.