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Woman Checks Security Camera To Find Huge Animal Visiting Her Porch

“It’s always a surprise living in Alaska.”

A little snow on the sidewalk was no match for this giant houseguest.

Last week in Wasilla, Alaska, homeowner Summer Hooke woke to find some footprints on her snow-covered front porch. When she checked her security camera recordings from the night before to see who had been there, she recovered some surprising — and hilarious — footage.

Standing on her doorstep at 3 a.m. was a female moose, happily munching away on some plants sitting on a table. She stood there eating for a few seconds, and then tossed the flowerpot onto the floor before making a run for it.

But she wasn’t alone.

A few minutes later, the hungry assailant returned with a partner to help ambush some other potted plants on the porch. The sneaky pair crept up to some flowers and nibbled on them for a bit before walking away.

It was the perfect crime — except they weren’t very good at covering their tracks.

Watching the footage, Hooke and her husband couldn’t believe how nonchalantly the hooved visitor helped herself to the “free snacks” on their porch.

“She was basically looking in our front door windows,” Hooke told The Dodo. “We get them in our yard regularly, but they don’t usually come that close to the front door.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the moose has visited the neighborhood.

“My neighbors said they named her Twiggy,” Hooke said. “She’s a smaller female and has been hanging out in the area for about three years now.”

moose visit alaska
Twiggy peeking in Hooke's door | Facebook/Summer Hooke

If there’s still any question as to why Twiggy likes this neighborhood so much, well, Hooke might have the answer: The moose is a big fan of potted plants.

“We were laughing,” Hooke said. “It’s always a surprise living in Alaska! You never know what you’ll run into next.”