Reporter Has Perfect Reaction To Herd Of Bison Crashing His News Segment

"Oh no, I'm not messing with you."

It’s always a good idea to give wild animals plenty of space. And sometimes, that means it’s you who’s gotta get a move on.

Just ask reporter Deion Broxton.


The other day, Broxton, a reporter with NBC Montana, was on location in Yellowstone National Park filming a news segment. After he’d set up the camera and readied his microphone, however, a group of local bison began moving in his direction. 

Rather than stand his ground against the interrupting herd, hoping they’d avoid him, Broxton wisely decided to clear the way himself.

As you’ll see from video of the incident, it really didn’t take too much convincing.

"Oh no, I'm not messing with you," Broxton is heard saying.

Broxton's close brush with the approaching herd may have spoiled that particular take, but it wasn't all bad.

Once at a comfortable distance, Broxton stopped to film the majestic bison who'd just sent him packing:

Though Broxton hadn't set out to film a how-to on dealing with wildlife, his reaction that day has been cited as perfect example of what to do.

"If you maintain a safe distance, wildlife will leave you alone," Yellowstone National Park officials wrote on Twitter. "Our guess is that these bison weren't acting aggressively, but were walking in Deion's direction. He did EXACTLY what he should have done, which is maintain a safe distance by getting in his car."