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Hero Mom Borrows Son's 'Incredible Hulk' Hands To Safely Relocate A Snake

"I was very impressed. She's very smart."

Supaphorn Onchum may work as a data analyst by day β€” but the mother of two recently transformed into a superhero of sorts when the need for one came calling.

This week, a large python decided to set up camp on the front gate of Onchum's family home in Bangkok, Thailand. Rather than resort to violence to ward off the scaly intruder, Onchum got creative. Finding no better implement to safely capture and relocate the snake, she decided to ask for a hand. Or, make that two hands.

Onchum ended borrowing the burly green gloves from her son's Incredible Hulk costume. And sure enough, they got the job done.

Onchum's less brave husband certainly appreciates her snake-wrangling skills. 

"My wife's very patient," Onchum's husband told Newsflare. "She crept up on the snake quietly and caught it. I was very impressed. She's very smart and creative."

After bagging the python, Onchum released him in a safer spot β€” ending an encounter that has no doubt shown her kids that superheroes aren't just found in comic books. One's in their family, too.