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Guy Approaches Hungry Wild Bears Just To Take A Selfie

What was he thinking 😱

Folks tuning in to watch this livestream of bears feeding at Brooks Falls in Alaska last week were witness to something rather bizarre and unexpected. And quite illegal.

There, wading in the water among the massive carnivores, was a guy clearly outside his native habitat.

Christoph Strässler

The man captured on video was one of three people who entered a restricted area adjacent to a viewing platform near the falls. Apparently, that vantage point just wasn't close enough. He just had to get a closer look, endangering his life, and the lives of the feasting bears in the process.

Wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt, the man is seen entering the water — before snapping selfies and photos of the bears a stone's throw away. Not the smartest move.

Here he is now:

While it's always unwise to get too close to wild animals, in Katmai National Park, where the falls are located, it's also against the law. There, approaching within 50 yards of a bear using a concentrated food source is prohibited.

And wouldn't you know it. Now the man, along with the two others, are facing charges for that crime.

Unfortunately, incidents of people taking idiotic selfies with wild animals seem to be on the rise. But this may be among the most egregious — and the National Parks Service (NPS) hopes others take note. 

“People need to recognize that these are wild brown bears. These visitors are lucky that they escaped the situation without injury," Mark Sturm, NPS superintendent, said in a release. "The possible consequences for the bears and themselves could have been disastrous."