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Guy Eating At Burger King Suddenly Realizes He's Being Watched

"He's looking right at me!"

Earlier this week, John McIntyre decided to drop into his local Burger King in Colorado for a quick bite. Not long after settling into his seat, however, an eerie sort of feeling began to overtake him — the feeling that he was being watched.

And sure enough, he was.

Turning over his shoulder to check, McIntyre noticed a strange figure perched near the restaurant's slushie fountain, staring at him.

Here's video of what happened next (Warning: contains some profanity):

"I had no clue what it was at first," McIntyre told The Dodo. "I got the manager. He spooked it and it went inside their walls through a small hole. He opened up the cabinet underneath the fountain machine and we could see it peeking at us through the hole."

The creature then disappeared — but not for long. The store, meanwhile, closed down temporarily.

John E McIntyre

Initially, McIntyre thought the animal was somebody's pet, but it turns out that was not the case. After showing the footage to his father, they determined the little guy was actually a ringtail cat — a raccoon-like species native to the area.

This is what they look like when not hanging out in fast food restaurants:


The Dodo reached out to the Burger King location, but the employee who answered declined to comment on what happened next. However, the ringtail cat was apparently able to make a break for it.

An employee at a neighboring car dealership later saw a ringtail cat wander onto their lot, noting: "We believe the same one that was recently seen inside the local Burger King."

Animal control officer Tim Caudill was soon on the scene to safely round up the wayward ringtail cat.

"I took him out to the west side of town, where there’s a colony of them, and I turned him loose there," Caudill told The Dodo. "He looked just fine. As soon as I opened the door, he took off."


Looking back, McIntyre is left with some slight remorse for calling attention to the ringtail cat's fast food hideout, effectively putting the kibosh on his slushie-stealing routine.

"Who knows how long it had been living there. It had a good setup," McIntyre said. "I do feel a little bad about ruining his new home, but I had to. I mean, that sugar water is pretty yummy so I don't blame the critter."

All good things must come to an end — but the ringtail cat had it his way, for a while, at least.