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Man Looks Out Window And Spots A VERY Comfortable Bear

"We see bears in our area quite frequently, but never like this."

Scott Elliott is no stranger to bears. The animals are a pretty common sight around his neighborhood in British Columbia, Canada. Most of the time, it's no big deal.

Aside from one occasion in which a bear raided Elliott's bird feeder, as pictured below, encounters with bears have been hardly worth a mention.

That is, until recently.

Scott Elliott

The other day, Elliott was at his girlfriend's house when he noticed something odd outside the window. There, sprawled out on the front lawn like he owned the place, was a very, very comfortable bear.

The big fella was enjoying a belly scratch. Elliott began recording a video of the comical scene.

"It came as quite a shock," he told The Dodo. "We see bears in our area quite frequently, but never like this."

Here's footage of the chilled-out bear:

This went on for a while; Elliott got an eyeful, to say the least.

"He took his time scratching, then left the way he came across the street," Elliott said. 

Scott Elliott

Given that bears are often unfairly demonized when they roam close to where humans live, it's reassuring to know that this bear felt secure enough to let it all hang out on Elliott's lawn. Fortunately, most folks in the area seem to strive to peacefully coexist with their wild neighbors by giving them their space, and locking up their trash cans.

"As a city on the edge of a wilderness you have to be more vigilant than the average homeowner," Elliott said. "Its just a part of life."