Man Saves A Little Bird Who Was Frozen To The Ground

"It felt really great to help" ❤️

The other morning, while driving near his home on a snowy winter road in Canada, Sandy Doucette noticed something that caused him to pause. And it's a good thing that he did.

"A group of birds were on the road and they flew away as I drove by them, except one," Doucette told The Dodo. "I thought that was very odd."

Sandy Doucette

Worried that the bird was in distress, Doucette decided to stop and take a closer look. As he walked closer, the bird still didn't budge. It was then that Doucette discovered why.

"I saw its feet completely encased in at least an inch of frozen ice and snow," he said.

Doucette knew that if left in that state, the helpless bird would surely perish, either from a predator or another passing car. So, using his bare hands to brush away and melt the ice, Doucette worked to free him.

Here's that moment on video:

Doucette had saved the day, giving the imperiled animal a second chance at life.

"It flew off, hopefully with its friends," Doucette said. "It felt really great to help this little bird."