Man Sees Pigeon Standing On Water Fountain — And Totally Gets The Message

"I felt so one with nature."

Steven Pesantez might not be a hero, per se — but at least in the eyes of one random pigeon out there, he's most definitely a good bro.

Steven Pesantez

Just the other day, Pesantez and his friend Mariel Anne Mitkowski were waiting at the terminal for the Staten Island Ferry in New York when they spotted something that no one else seemed to be noticing. 

"We saw the bird hanging out on the water fountain," Pesantez told The Dodo. "He was hanging out there for a while."

Though other people passing by might not have given it any thought, Pesantez began to suspect that the pigeon was trying to communicate something — namely, that he was thirsty. So, while Mitkowski filmed, Pesantez decided to lend the hand the bird seemed to be requesting.

Here's footage of what happened next: 

"He had his head in there, drinking the water. He was absolutely enjoying it," Pesantez recalled.

Sure, there's unlikely to be any blockbuster films made based on this little encounter, but it's still pretty impressive. For a moment, pigeon-kind and humankind had bridged a divide in an unspoken way.

"It was very zen. I picked up what the bird was putting down," Pesantez said. "It was cool to see an animal that needed help, and to be able to help him. I felt so one with nature, in the ferry terminal."

Who knows if such an occurrence will ever be repeated — but Pesantez is ready if it is:

"Going forward, if I ever see a pigeon on that water fountain again, you better believe he's getting some water, too."