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Man Sees Creepy Doll Head On Beach — Then Notices It's Moving

"It went to the water and seemingly sat there to ponder life."

Earlier this month, Joseph Cronk was out for stroll at a beach on Wake Island, a remote atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with plans to take in the majestic sunset that evening. But what he found instead was surprising, concerning — and more than a little creepy.

There, lying in the sand in front him, was a decapitated doll head.

Then it started moving.

Propelling the hollow, plastic head was a hermit crab who'd adopted the object to serve as his shell. As far as Cronk could tell, the little guy was able to move it with little difficulty.

"The crab seemed fine," Cronk told The Dodo. "It went to the water and seemingly sat there to ponder life."

But Cronk, who initially found the scene sort of amusing, got to pondering, as well. The crab's odd choice for an abode was only made possible because of a larger problem — improperly disposed-of garbage.

Truth is, some 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic waste enters Earth's oceans every year.

Cronk hopes his now-viral video will inspire people to do their part in cleaning up the mess.

"I want to get the message out about the trash problem. It killed me to see all the trash piling up on the beaches there," Cronk said. "I never expected the crab video to go so viral, [but] it has help raise awareness more than anything. Albeit in a scary, creepy sort of way."

In the end, however, there's really nothing scarier than seeing all the junk humans have left in the world's oceans.