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Guy Opens Cereal Box And Someone Surprising Pops Out

He jumped right out of the box and into the dishwasher 😱

A man in Yorkshire, England, sat down on Saturday morning to have some cereal, opened up the box — and was shocked and terrified when a snake jumped out of the box and quickly slithered into the dishwasher to hide.

Few people expect a snake to be hiding in their kitchen, so once the man got over the shock of it all, he contacted the RSPCA for help.

“The poor chap was absolutely terrified — I think it was the last thing he expected to find in his kitchen,” Katie Hetherington, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, said in a press release. “I think he was expecting to have cornflakes for breakfast — not corn snakes!”

man finds snake in cereal box

The snake was identified as a corn snake, which is not a species native to England, meaning the snake was likely an escaped pet who went missing. He was about 3 feet long and seemed to be unharmed by the ordeal, and was taken in to be cared for by a specialist.

“Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets — and they are particularly good at escaping,” Nicola White, senior scientific officer for exotics and the wildlife trade at the RSPCA, said in a press release. 

Corn snakes as pets have increased in popularity over the years, so unfortunately, the RSPCA now receives a lot of calls about them. 

man finds snake in cereal box

“These are amazing animals but they can be challenging to care for properly,” White said. “We are really urging people to do their research before they take on a reptile, or other exotic animal, as a pet, so they are confident that it is the right pet for them and that they can provide everything the animal needs for its whole life — which could be many years.”

The snake’s rescuers are hoping that he wasn’t abandoned, and that someone out there is looking for their lost friend. Posters have been put up in the area and a post has been made on a local lost pet site in hopes of tracking down the person or family whom the snake belongs to.

“With many rescued snakes in need of a home, we would also like people to visit rescue centers if they’re confident they can provide one with a forever home,” White said.

To help other animals in need, you can donate to the RSPCA
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