Lynx Family From Viral Photos Returns To Guy's Porch For Another Visit

The babies are so much bigger!

One fateful morning last September, photographer Tim Newton was stirred from sleep by a strange scampering sound coming from outside his home in Alaska. Curious, Newton peeked through a window — and that’s when he discovered an entire family of lynx galavanting around on his porch.

Lucky for the rest of us, Newton grabbed his camera.

Tim Newton Photography

"They were so cute. It was cute-tastic," Newton told The Dodo in an earlier post. "It was amazing."

It might have felt like a once-in-a-lifetime sort of encounter, but turns out it was not. Months later, the lynx family decided it was time for an encore.

Tim Newton Photography

On Saturday, Newton shared a video captured by his wife, Cathy, showing what is believed to be the same lynx family dropping by for another visit to their porch. Fortunately, Newton says the mother cat and all seven of her offspring were spotted that day, alive and well — and still rambunctious.

Though the youngsters are quite a bit larger this time around, they're as playful as ever.

Afterward, the lynx family returned yet again to the forest surrounding the Newtons' home — leaving just a scattering of happy paw prints in their wake.

Tim Newton Photography

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