Nail Salon Traps Live Ants Inside New ‘Trendy’ Manicure

Who thought this was cute? 😞

This unusual manicure has gone viral — but for the creepiest reason.

Last week, a Russian nail salon popular on Instagram debuted its newest custom manicure: acrylic nails with live ants crawling inside.

ant manicure russia

In a video showing the process, the nail technician places a clear piece of acrylic on the underside of the client’s long, curled nails. The technician then reaches into a garden outside and plucks out a few ants, dropping one into a small pocket on each nail.

The ants — who are frantically jumping around — get fully sealed inside with one last piece of acrylic. The client puts her hands out to show off her new look.

The artist claims that “no animals were harmed” in the process, but thousands of people are speaking out online against the questionable look. Since the video was posted, it’s been viewed and shared over a million times.  

“This is not fashion or art, this is cruelty,” a commenter wrote. “They are trapped in there.”

This manicure, luckily, hasn’t exactly started a trend.

After facing major backlash online, the manicurist posted another video showing the ants being put back where they came from.

Hopefully no one will try to copycat the look and the little insects will be just fine — and they’ll get to remain peacefully in their homes where they belong.