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Home Security Camera Catches Unusual Pool Party In Middle Of Night

They were having too much fun πŸ˜‚

At first, Bo Rodriguez was worried.

When the Houston, Texas, resident glanced at live footage from his home security camera the other night, he thought there could be some emergency.

"I was very confused and did not know what to do," Rodriguez told The Dodo.

Raccoons in security cam footage swimming in man's pool
Bo Rodriguez

There was a lot of splashing in the middle of the pool, and some dark patches suggested that someone was in the water.

Closer inspection revealed that there were several someones — three raccoons, to be exact.

Now Rodriguez was worried for a different reason. "I thought they were drowning," he said, "so I was freaking out."

But when he rushed to his yard he noticed something a little funny: "They kept getting in and out and jumping from the ledges."

Rodriguez managed to snap a photo before a neighbor's dog's barking spooked the bathing burglars mid-pool-party and they ran away.

Raccoon taking a dip in man's pool in Texas
Bo Rodriguez

"I have never seen anything like this before," Rodriguez said. "It was extremely funny to me that they just went for a late-night swim."

While Rodriguez has always had a liking for animals, he used to think raccoons were "terrifying," but now he can't help but laugh. "After this experience I view them so differently," he said.