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Hikers Spot A Weird Ball Of 'Fur' — Then Realize It Isn't What It Seems

"We thought it was a sleeping animal of some kind."

Recently, photographer Rada SC was on a hike with his father in the hills near Alamos, in northern Mexico, when they spotted something unusual.

There, curled in a nook on a rocky slope, was what appeared to be a furry black creature grabbing a nap.

“We thought it was a sleeping animal of some kind,” Rada SC explained to The Dodo. “I told my father that we should gently touch the ‘ball of hair’ to see if we could identify what it was.”

But, boy, were they in for a surprise. It wasn’t just one animal — it was actually thousands. Here’s the video of that shocking discovery.

“This is the first time I've seen something like this,” Rada SC said. “It turns out that the ‘hairs’ were in reality the numerous legs of the spiders, and they were so close together it looked like a ball of hair.”

Rada SC suspects that the arachnids were a type of harvestmen — a harmless, slender-limbed species known to amass in large groups like this, likely as a defense from the harsh sun.


Fortunately, the harvestmen didn’t seem too bothered by having their gathering momentarily interrupted by the hikers.

“I tried my best not to injure any of them,” Rada SC said. “After a while, they immediately crawled back up and formed another ball.”


Sure, some folks may find the discovery to be a bit unnerving (especially given the "fur" ball’s cute potential). But Rada SC encourages people to approach it from a different perspective — after all, it was the highlight of the hike for him.

“When I shared the video I couldn't believe how many people misunderstand arachnids and bugs. They want to kill or squash them instead of taking the time to learn their behavior,” he said. “I hope they eventually see it in amazement.”

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