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Hawk Lands On Moving Car — And Decides He's Going For A Ride

“Staci and I have a bird emergency ..." 😂

Rebecca Hobbs and Staci Eddy were driving through downtown Los Angeles one afternoon when, out of nowhere, a hawk landed on the hood of their car. 

Surprised and bewildered, the two women started shouting in shock as the hawk stared at them through the windshield. As they carried on, they of course expected the hawk to quickly fly away … but he didn’t. 

For whatever reason, the hawk absolutely refused to leave, even once the car started moving again. 

“Get off of my car,” Hobbs is heard exclaiming in a video of the encounter. But the stubborn hawk had no plans to go anywhere, and instead continued to hitch a ride throughout downtown Los Angeles. 

As the car made a sharp turn, the hawk stumbled a bit and both women screamed, but he managed to use his wings to keep his balance, and continued to ride along as if this was something he did every day. 

In a desperate attempt to get help, Hobbs sent a text that said, “Staci and I have a bird emergency” to their friend Ken Nolan, who is coincidentally the screenwriter of the movie “Black Hawk Down.” Unfortunately, though, he wasn’t able to offer much advice. The women were worried the bird was somehow lost or injured, even though he seemed fine and pretty content to be cruising around Los Angeles. 

As they drove, people kept coming out of restaurants and peeking out of their cars to marvel at the strange situation, and couldn’t help but take pictures of the hawk just hitching a ride. 

Eventually, the women started trying to interact with the hawk, waving their hands around and watching as his eyes followed their hands. While the women were confused, they also eventually grew fond of their unusual hitchhiker. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the hawk got bored of riding around, pushed off of the car and flew away. While everyone was relieved he was OK, they were still left baffled by the whole ordeal. If you’re ever in downtown Los Angeles, keep a lookout for the hitchhiker hawk — you never know when he’ll be looking for a ride. 

“We felt like Uber for hawks,” Hobbs and Eddy wrote in the video. “Hope he gave us five stars.” 

You can check out the full video of this awesome encounter below: