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Kind Guys Pick Up Giant Snake To Help Her Cross Busy Road

They knew she needed a hand πŸ‘

After an untold journey through the lush foliage around Manaus, Brazil, this enormous anaconda was suddenly facing the most perilous of crossings β€” a busy road cutting through her habitat.

Fortunately, the snake found a few new friends to help her get safely on her way.

Facebook/PortalMarcelo Augusto

On one side of the road, traffic came to a halt as the snake began to cross, but on the other, cars kept streaming by. Worried someone would hit her as she made her way over the median, two Good Samaritans stepped forward to ensure the snake survived the trek.

They lifted her into their arms, and carried her to the forest's edge.

Here's that moment on video:

Though some people might consider anacondas to be "scary" animals, it's reassuring to know that there are others who know they're worthy of compassion β€” and in this case, a helping hand.