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Guys Out Fishing See A Monkey In Need Of Saving

"I am very happy that we are there at the right time to do this good deed for the little animal."

Recently, Renato Borella decided to go on a little fishing expedition along the Teles Pires River in Brazil. What he wasn't expecting, of course, was that his most memorable catch wouldn't be a fish at all.

Renato Borella

Shortly after setting off on a boat with his fishing guide, Borella spotted something in the distance. There, struggling against the current, was a howler monkey far from shore. The pair decided to move in closer and realized the monkey was in distress — apparently having been swept away while attempting to cross the river.

"He was very tired, and the river in that place is very wide and fast-flowing," Borella told The Dodo. "My guide and I were moved by the scene and decided to help."

Here's video of what happened next:

After the monkey was tossed a life preserver, he ended up hopping aboard the boat. Borella admits he and the guide were a little worried at first that the frightened animal might attack them in a panic, but then they sensed an air of gratitude in his calm demeanor.

"He seemed to be thanking us for helping him," Borella said.

Borella and his guide then piloted the boat to the shore where the monkey seemed to have been headed — and soon their surprising new shipmate was back where he belonged.

Renato Borella

The monkey had good reason to be thankful; his life had been saved. But Borella feels thankful, too:

"I am very happy that we are there at the right time to do this good deed for the little animal," he said.

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