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Guy Gets Into Car — And Finds A Giant Snake Has Claimed It For Himself

He just wanted a cozy place to take a nap 😂🐍

A guy in Australia was getting ready to go for a drive, but as soon as he opened his car door, he realized his trip was going to be a bit delayed — because there was a very large snake hanging out on the dashboard. 

Completely shocked and not sure what to do, the guy quickly called Brendan Dyer, a local snake catcher, to come out and gently remove the snake from his car. The snake himself seemed completely unfazed by the whole situation, and was very content to keep hanging out in his new car. 

“The snake was on the dashboard sunning itself when they rang, but had curled up for a sleep in the half hour it took me to arrive,” Dyer told The Dodo. 

Dyer, who has been working with snakes for 45 years, identified the car snake as a coastal carpet snake. He wished he didn’t have to disturb the sleeping snake because he looked so cozy, but he knew the guy really needed his car back. 

“It was easy to get out, I just touched it a couple of times to wake it up, then removed it quite easily as it slithered back up onto the dashboard,” Dyer said. “Took about 10 seconds to remove it.” 

Once the snake was safely out of the car, Dyer drove him to an area of bushland. With the help of his young daughter, he released the snake back into the wild. At first, the snake seemed reluctant to leave the cozy bag his rescuer had placed him in, but soon enough he was slithering off, hopefully to find an even cozier place to nap than someone’s car.

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