Incredible Footage Shows Giant Manta Ray Approaching Diver To Ask For Help

“That’s one of the best things I’ve seen underwater.”

"You could see she was trusting us."

That was snorkeling instructor Jake Wilton's impression after he and a group of others were approached by a giant manta ray while exploring the waters off of Ningaloo, Australia — and it soon became clear what it was she needed.

Monty Halls

After Wilton dove down to greet the animal, she revealed the source of her distress: several fishhooks embedded in her body.

Though a human was ultimately responsible for the manta's sad predicament, she seemed to understand that Wilton would be kind enough to help. She was right.

Here's footage of that incredible rescue:

As stunning as this scene is, it's actually not the first time a giant manta ray has sought out the assistance of a person. A few years back, a similar scene unfolded near Costa Rica; the animal in that case had been entangled in a fishing net, and was saved by a diver.

Though these incidents speak volumes about the intelligence and understanding of these majestic creatures, there's a more urgent takeaway to be gleaned.

Every year, countless marine animals are impacted by pollution and debris left behind by humans — and it's only a fortunate few, like this manta ray, who will wind up being saved.

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