Firefighters Drop Everything To Save A Tiny Life

"You always want to help when someone needs it, regardless of it being a person or an animal."

The life of this little bird might not amount to much for some people, but it means everything to her. Fortunately, this bird met a few kind folks who agreed her life was well worth saving.

On Wednesday, first responders from Richburg Fire-Rescue in South Carolina happened upon a tiny hummingbird lying lifeless on the ground in the station’s engine bay. Where the bird had come from was anyone’s guess, but she’d picked the perfect place to get the care she needed.

When the firefighters discovered that the bird was still breathing, they dropped everything to help her.

Richburg Fire-Rescue

Thankfully, they weren't too late.

“We mixed up a little sugar water and put it in a small cap for it to drink out of,” T. Melton, the station’s assistant chief, told The Dodo. “It took some coaxing, but it finally started drinking it.”

Their tiny feathered patient seemed to understand they were there to assist her.

Richburg Fire-Rescue

Slowly but surely, the hummingbird began to regain her strength, until the moment everyone was hoping for ultimately came.

"It was finally able to stand on its own," Melton said. "We kept giving it water and it finally flew off."

Watching the hummingbird disappear into the distance, revitalized because of their efforts, was all the thanks her rescuers needed.

Richburg Fire-Rescue

"The job is hard enough as it is, [so] being able to help something like the hummingbird and seeing it bounce back means the world to us. It was a nice feeling for everyone," Melton said. "You always want to help when someone needs it, regardless of it being a person or an animal. You just don't want to see anything suffer."

Truly a job well done.