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Firefighters Drop Everything To Help A Desperate Young Deer Fleeing From Wildfire

She knew they were trying to help ❤

More than 22,000 acres have been set alight by the massive Holy Fire in southern California since it began earlier this month. But while much has been lost, those bravely battling the blaze haven't forgotten the lesser-seen lives affected by the growing inferno.

U.S. Forest Service - Cleveland National Forest

On Monday, the U.S. Forest Service shared a touching account of one such life being saved.

Recently, a group of forest service firefighters were at work in the hard-hit Los Padres National Forest when they encountered a desperate young deer who'd managed to escape the approaching flames.

Rather than leave her to fend for herself, the crew dropped what they were doing to help her make it through.

U.S. Forest Service - Cleveland National Forest

The deer was dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion, but the firefighters knew just what to do.

"They provided her with water and helped her get back on her feet," the forest service wrote.

She seemed to understand the firefighters were there to help.

U.S. Forest Service - Cleveland National Forest

Not surprisingly, news of the firefighters' kind gesture went viral. And fortunately, while the fate of the young deer isn't known for certain, the forest service reports that hope isn't lost for her or other animals affected by the fires:

"They will keep traveling until they find food and water. Luckily, both are still available in the area and they will surely navigate their way to them."

To help those affected by the Holy Fire and other wildfires across California, donations can be made via this GoFundMe page.
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