Family Snuggles Up To Tiny Moose Babies They Helped Save

Look at them run 😍💕

One lucky family in Canada recently found themselves welcoming some very unusual — and completely adorable — visitors into their home

Moose with girl who helped save him
Lee-Ann Kramer

It's hard to say who was happier — the moose calf brothers, Chocolate and Clover, who needed a safe place to stay after they lost their mom, or the family of four girls and their parents, who couldn't stop grinning ear to ear whenever they even looked at their fluffy and gangly houseguests. 

Lee-Ann Kramer

"The moose stayed with my family for five glorious days," Lee-Ann Kramer told The Dodo. "Sleeping in my boot room at night, playing outside all day, bottle-fed goat milk every few hours and grazing freely on forest vegetation." 

Baby moose siblings rescued in British Columbia
Carly Moran

But how did this family come to receive these wild visitors? 

It all started earlier this month, when Kramer and her husband spotted the siblings on a local road all alone. And that's when they put two and two together, so to speak.

Baby moose snuggling with rescuer
Lee-Ann Kramer

Several days before, an adult moose had been found with a terribly broken leg and she had to be euthanized. These calves, Kramer realized, were probably her babies. 

So Kramer did what their own mother could no longer do — she decided that she would take them home and take care of them until expert help could come.

Normally, she wouldn't think of intervening with wild animals, but Kramer got permission from the British Columbia conservation office to foster them until they were taken into government care. "The calves were not going to survive long in the woods without their momma," she explained.  

Lee-Ann Kramer

But this turned out to be easier said than done.

Kramer caught one of the calves easily — this was the one later named Clover. But the other, later known as Chocolate, proved more elusive; he got spooked and ran deeper into the forest, beyond Kramer's reach. Luckily, Chocolate was rescued by some other people, and soon the brothers were reunited at Kramer's house. 

Man carrying baby moose
Lee-Ann Kramer

As some footage of them frolicking around the yard shows, Clover and Chocolate were clearly happy to be together again. 

Lee-Ann Kramer

"I was ... super elated that we could help get them to safety," Kramer said.

For the next several days, Kramer and her family did everything they could to make sure Clover and Chocolate felt happy, following a veterinarian's advice about what to feed them and how to keep them comfortable.

Lee-Ann Kramer

After five beautiful days with Clover and Chocolate, it was time for the family to say goodbye — the moose had a place ready for them at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society's sanctuary in Golden, British Columbia. 

Rescued moose calf
Lee-Ann Kramer

"The sanctuary in Golden borders on Banff National Park," Kramer said. "We’re hoping they become safe park moose, where hunting is prohibited." 

First they'll learn how to be wild again — and the sanctuary hopes they'll be ready to be released in the fall.

Moose orphan getting bottlefed
Lee-Ann Kramer

According to the sanctuary, Clover and Chocolate are doing very well there and are "growing like weeds!" 

Baby moose orphans with family who rescued them
Lee-Ann Kramer

"We loved every moment of our time with them," Kramer reflected.

You can congratulate Clover and Chocolate on their rescue by making a donation to the wildlife organization helping them.