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Photographer Captures Amazing Moment Cheetah Family Crosses River Together

So cool!

A group of people were traveling through the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya when they suddenly noticed some cheetahs lingering on the edge of a river. The river was flooded and the current was strong, and there were definitely crocodiles swimming about — but the cheetah family paid no attention to these conditions, and decided they had to cross the river. 

As the cheetahs leapt into the water, everyone was mesmerized. The three biggest cheetahs in the group were the first to dive in, and the other two followed closely behind. As they swam across the unruly river, photographers Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza both managed to snap some pictures … 

… and the results showed some pretty fantastic faces as the disgruntled cheetahs swam and splashed. 

Since cheetahs are known for their ability to run fast, many people probably don't realize that they can swim as well, and everyone watched in awe as the group navigated the choppy waters. 

Luckily, all five cheetahs made it safely across the river, and the entire group of people was so grateful that they got to witness such an exhilarating moment. For the cheetahs, of course, it was just another day, and they were likely incredibly happy to finally be back on dry land.