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Family Flips Out When A Group Of Enormous Whales Drops By

"Relax, relax, relax, seriously."

You’d be hard-pressed not to be humbled to come face-to-face with some of the largest creatures on earth. But when a pair of curious behemoths paid a visit to one family’s boat recently, it inspired a mix of other emotions as well.

In a video shot on Puget Sound in Washington state, at least three gray whales are seen surfacing within arm’s reach of a small vessel and its crew of family members. While the father piloting the boat was clearly thrilled with the magical encounter — his kin, well, really weren’t so much.

The family was divided. In fact, one of them actually called 911.

Now, it might be easy to ridicule the worried members of the boating party for overreacting to the whales, who were merely checking them out. But to be fair, adrenaline does have a funny way of affecting people’s thinking.

We can only hope that, looking back on the clip, everyone in the family now appreciates how special this encounter really was. (Even if that means watching it on mute.)