Dog And Wild Toad Meet Every Single Night Just To Hang Out

"It really seems as though Foxy wants nothing more than to just sit there and enjoy the night air with her new friend.”

Foxtrot is a big dog, but she doesn’t seem to know it. 

The 3-year-old Newfoundland is a gentle giant, and always treats kids and smaller animals with respect and sensitivity. “Foxy is a very large dog and gets scared easily,” Rachel Koscelek, Foxtrot’s mom, told The Dodo. “Foxy loves kids and will sit real still when they come to pet her, almost as though she knows they are little."

Foxtrot the Newfoundland dog waits for his toad friend
Rachel Koscelek

When it's hot, Foxtrot likes to spend her days sitting on the cool floor of the garage or under the shade of the trees in her backyard.

That’s how she met a little toad named Frogo.

Foxy the dog meets her friend Frogo
Rachel Koscelek

“One night, we were sitting outside and a toad came hopping by, and Foxy jumped up and ran toward it. I thought, ‘Oh no, she is gonna hurt it,’" Koscelek said. "But she just stood there looking at the toad for a long while. Eventually, Foxy laid down beside it and they just sat there!”
Koscelek isn’t sure how Foxtrot and the toad were able to communicate, but there seemed to be some sort of understanding between the two animals.

Dog and wild toad are best friends
Rachel Koscelek

The next night, Foxtrot was ready and waiting in the garage when her new friend returned. Koscelek noticed that her dog seemed much more relaxed in the toad’s presence, immediately walking toward him and lying down.
While Foxy weighs in at over 100 pounds, her best friend doesn’t even tip the scale. For several nights, Foxtrot and Frogo continued to have their special meetings.

Rachel Koscelek

Then Frogo stopped visiting, and it was clear to Koscelek that Foxtrot missed him. Luckily, Frogo hadn't forgotten about his big friend. 

“Foxy started laying in the rocks waiting and waiting,” Koscelek said. “A few nights passed and Foxy spotted the toad in the road. She ran right over and put her paw on him and laid down beside him!”

Foxtrot and Frogo stayed together for a long time that night — happy to be reunited.

Rachel Koscelek

Now, the two unlikely pals spend every night together. “Usually, it's around 10:30 p.m. or 11 p.m. when the toad comes out," Koscelek said. "It really seems as though Foxy wants nothing more than to just sit there and enjoy the night air with her new friend.”

"It's been so fun to watch," she added.