Wild Elk Has Come To Visit His Dog Friend For Years

They have their own special game ❤

It might not seem like this pet dog and wild elk would have much in common.

But the happy pair have formed an unlikely friendship — thanks to their shared sense of fun.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

For the past few years around this time, a herd of elk have been visiting the property of one Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer and his pup, Trygge. While their presence is always a sight to behold, Trygge does more than just watch.

From the beginning, the friendly dog managed to strike up a surprising friendship with the herd’s leader — a large bull elk. And before long, they invented a game all their own.

Here they are on video, during the elk's most recent visit:

While the herd looks on, their leader and Trygge engage in what's basically a game of tag — chasing each other back and forth along the fence line.

The rules to the game are unwritten, of course, but the dog and elk respect each other enough that the interaction is safe and fun for both.

“They never seem to get aggressive with each other," Bill Vogrin, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told The Dodo. "In fact, the bull could easily jump into the yard if it decided to. But they keep their distance across the fence line.”

And with any luck, this unlikely friendship will go on for many years to come.