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Senior Bear Spent 7 Years Being Forced To 'Dance' On Streets For Money

He’s like a different bear now 💛

For Raju the bear, every day was filled with sadness.

With a rope strung through his nose controlling his every move, Raju was forced by his owner to “dance” on the streets of India to earn tips.

bear rescue india
Wildlife SOS

To passersby, it looked like he was dancing — but Raju was really just squirming in pain as his owner pulled the rope back and forth like a cruel puppeteer.

This was the life of Raju and countless other sloth bears on the streets of India, where the practice had been popular for nearly 400 years.

bear rescue india
Raju with the rope through his nose, which was used to make him "dance" | Wildlife SOS

As people began to speak out against the neglect, the practice was outlawed in 1972, and wildlife protection groups worked to rescue the bears one by one, cutting their ropes and ending their torture.

But Raju was still trapped — until Wildlife SOS found the bear and brought him to safety in 2009.

He was the only endangered sloth bear who was left in the industry, marking the historic end of the illegal practice in the country.

bear rescue india
Raju when he was first rescued | Wildlife SOS

Sixteen-year-old Raju has the greatest life now at the Wildlife SOS Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center — but his rescuers will never forget the heartbreaking neglect he survived.

bear rescue india
Wildlife SOS

“The scars on Raju’s disfigured muzzle and several missing teeth act as a constant reminder of the cruelty inflicted upon hundreds of innocent bear lives, all in the name of the dancing bear practice that was once prevalent in India,” Geeta Seshamani, cofounder of Wildlife SOS, said in a statement. “However, Raju turned out to be a bear of extraordinary emotional strength and character, despite everything he had been through in the past.”

bear rescue india
Raju relaxing at his sanctuary home | Wildlife SOS

This year, Raju is celebrating his ninth year of freedom at the sanctuary, where he lives alongside hundreds of other bears. Instead of living in pain, he spends his days foraging for snacks, climbing trees and laying in the sun.

The journey here hasn’t been easy — but Raju has finally found peace, thanks to his rescuers.

bear rescue india
Raju playing with a toy | Wildlife SOS

“Over the years, we have watched Raju grow and transform into a strong and spirited bear,” Dr Arun. A. Sha, director of the rescue’s veterinary operations, said. “It has been a great journey for all of us, from the place where all hope seemed to be lost to this little haven where Raju and hundreds of other bears have found a home and their freedom.”

To support Raju’s ongoing care, you can make a donation to Wildlife SOS.