Random Coyote Shows Up At Important Meeting And Decides To Stay

"We are aware of the coyote on the mezzanine level."

Political arguments about the New York state budget in Albany this week were given a brief but perhaps welcome reprieve thanks to a wild coyote.

The coyote somehow managed to get up to the fourth-floor mezzanine of the New York State Museum in downtown Albany, near the State Capitol building, where debates were going on. A picture was snapped showing him matter-of-factly curled up like a dog by an exit door.

Soon he was being referred to as the "Budget Coyote." He even had his own hashtag.

"We are aware of the coyote on the mezzanine level of the NYS Museum," the New York State Police wrote on Twitter, adding that animal control had been contacted. 

Others, worried about the distribution of funds in the state, were relieved to have a random coyote pop up when searching for news about the budget. "As a State advocate I'm obviously stalking #nybudget all day," one Tweeter wrote. "Imagine my joy when I came across @BudgetCoyote in an otherwise bleak budget landscape. If #BudgetCoyote helps get #StrongNonprofits in the budget, we will make you our mascot! @NonprofitsNY." 

The coyote was tranquilized and examined by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, and he was swiftly determined to be healthy and ready to be returned to an environment more appropriate for him. 

'Budget coyote' getting released

The budget coyote was released into the woods of New York State, which is home to tens of thousands of coyotes like him, who play important roles in the ecosystem.

Everyone could agree that it was a happy ending for the Budget Coyote — and people went back to arguing over the budget (on which there's still no agreement).

'Budget coyote' getting released