Chubby Bear Needs A Helping Hand After Getting Himself Stuck In A Dumpster

His tummy led him astray 😂

Fattening up before winter hibernation starts may seem like a chore to some — but not for this exceptionally plump bear in California.

Though his love of food is clearly apparent, his insatiable appetite recently led to a rather embarrassing predicament.

Deputies from the Placer Country Sheriff's Office were called to the scene this Monday where the bear, dubbed "T-Shirt," had evidently decided to go dumpster diving. Getting back out, however, proved a bit of a problem.

It seems, after T-Shirt entered the dumpster, the lid closed behind him. He got stuck.

Fortunately for the big, chubby bear, the deputies were able to lend him a hand:

Afterward, T-Shirt (so named for the white patch of fur on his chest) was last seen moseying off — in search, perhaps, of a less perilous snack.