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Factory Worker Gets Surprise Visit From Pack Of World's Largest Rodents

He handled that well ...

What likely began as just another day on the job soon took a rather bizarre and unexpected turn for one factory worker in Brazil — all thanks to a wayward gang of enormous rodents who decided to drop by for a surprise visit. 

Flickr/Tanya Durrant

On Wednesday, a family of nine capybaras somehow managed to find their way onto the floor of WEG Industries, an engineering and technology company based in the city of Itajaí. (It is believed that they gained entrance by digging under an exterior fence.)

Once inside on their casual factory tour, the animals caught the attention of the unnamed employee. Although he presumably has no formal training on the subject, the man soon found himself tasked with the duty of a giant rodent wranglin'.

Here's footage showing how that went.

Fortunately, the impromptu visit ended without incident. The capybaras were reportedly ushered back outside peacefully with no damage done. (And that hole in the fence was later patched.)

It's unclear exactly why the capybaras decided to stop by in the first place, but enjoying a little social engagement wouldn't be out of character.


In addition to being the world's largest rodents, capybaras are said to be among the friendliest animals on the planet.