People Are Having A Hard Time Finding The Bobcat In This Photo

"Sometimes you need to stop and look closer."

Who would have guessed that such a cute little creature could be so difficult to spot?

On Wednesday, New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation shared this seemingly unremarkable trail cam photo of a forest scene from a northern part of the state — but there’s more to it than what first meets the eye.

“Sometimes you need to stop and look closer,” the department wrote online, inviting viewers to peer a tad longer.

In reality, the image contains a baby bobcat, blended almost perfectly into the leafy forest floor. And people are having a rather tough time locating him.

Can you find the kitten?

Facebook/NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

If you tried and failed, you're not alone.

"I have no idea where the bobcat is. I’ll take your word for it," one commenter wrote.

"Can anyone find it? I'm so oblivious," added another.

Turns out, the little guy is right here up front:

Facebook/NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Still having trouble?

Here's the tiny kitten close up:

Facebook/NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Isn't he adorable?

Interestingly, this might not be the first time you've been fooled by these wild kitties' camouflage. There's actually a pretty good chance, while out and about in nature, you were nearby a bobcat without ever knowing it.

There's no shortage of this species, the Department of Environmental Conservation points out, they just prefer to stay out of sight:

"Through elusive and rarely seen by humans, bobcats are abundant in North America with populations as high as one million cats in the U.S. alone."