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Hidden Camera Catches All The Animals Who Travel Across This Log

It's their own little bridge 💛

Ever since he was a kid, Robert Bush Sr. has been fascinated by the wildlife all around him, and in 2013, he decided to start setting up hidden cameras near his home in Pennsylvania to capture footage of the animals he loves living their lives in their natural habitats. 

“I started doing the camera traps with my father, it was a way for us to spend time together since we both are always busy and both are outdoorsmen,” Bush told The Dodo. “He taught me about wildlife trails and tracks when I was a kid.” 

Over the years, Bush has found some great well-traveled spots to set up cameras — but one of his best finds has been a fallen log that lies over a river. As it turns out, so many different animals use the log to get across the river, and Bush has been able to capture them all on film. 

Despite their differences, every kind of animal imaginable has used the log to cross the river, from ducks … 

… to bears … 

… to everyone in between.

Bush has captured so many different animals since setting up the camera by the fallen log, and certainly has some cool stories to tell at this point. 

“Animals cross the log all the time,” Bush said. “Once a great blue heron was on the log and a chipmunk tried crossing and almost became lunch but was lucky enough to escape.” 

Animal encounters are definitely not uncommon on the log, as they’re all just trying to get across, and it’s proved to be the perfect spot to capture situations that otherwise would go unseen. 

“The turkey and owl fighting just to the right of the log would have to be one of the many cool captures,” Bush said. 

Bush loves being able to capture these animals going about their daily lives, and the footage he gets gives us all a glimpse into just how incredible nature really is. 

Watch the full video of animals crossing the fall log below: