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Cop Catches Bear Out Snooping — And Lets Him Off With A Warning

"Don’t be breaking into any of them businesses."

Seeing some shady character prowling about in the middle of the night, peeking into shop windows, was sure to raise a few red flags. Fortunately, the responding officer in this case understood he has the right to bear arms (and legs, etc.).

Deputy Nevins works the graveyard shift for the Placer County Sheriff's Office in California. On Tuesday evening, while on routine patrol in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, he happened upon a "suspicious subject"  — a rather large black bear — who may or may not have been up to no good. Upon seeing he'd been caught snooping, the bear was visibly startled. But rather than make a big deal out it, Nevins decided to let him off with a warning.

"Don’t be breaking into any of them businesses,” he instructed the furry suspect, who clearly got the message.

Nevins was able to resolve the situation perfectly.

"We receive numerous bear-related calls throughout the year and always try to handle them as low-key as possible," a sheriff's office spokesperson told The Dodo. "We recognize we have to coexist in Tahoe and just want to make sure they move along so they don't cross paths with a citizen. Their sweet tooth usually leads them into garbages and homes while they attempt to plump up before the winter!"

Thankfully, while bears can be an intimidating sight, conflicts with humans living nearby can easily be avoided. And with that, everybody wins.