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Hungry Possum Caught Sneaking Into His Favorite Store — Again

It's like the giant salad bar he's always dreamed of.

Well, the secret is out — this pioneering possum in Australia just discovered precisely where all the tastiest plants are kept.

And now he's having his fill.

Last week, Amanda Mac was perusing the garden section of a Bunnings housing supply store, in the town of Carseldine, when she came face-to-face with a different kind of customer — one who clearly had no intention of paying. There, perched comfortably among some of the plants on sale, was the common brushtail possum who, apparently, viewed the greenery as his own personal buffet.

Australian possums are said to be quite comfortable around people, but perhaps not those carrying cameras. His carefree noshing only stops when he seemingly realizes it's being caught on video.

Despite having been caught red-handed, the clip above has made the cute little thief a rising star online, where most commenters seem to find his actions endearing. But this isn't the first time he's struck.

Just last month, he was filmed at the same store by a different customer, that time helping himself to some lettuce.

Yvonne McRostie

As Mac notes during her encounter, this species is typically asleep during the day. But, as Queensland Museum collection manager Heather Janetzki told Australian Broadcasting, the possum may have simply woken up thirsty and ventured out to quench himself on some moisture-rich plants. She suggests the store leave some water out for him so he'll stop nibbling on the plants, as he's evidently living nearby.

While there doesn't appear to be any immediate plans to evict the possum, a spokesperson for Bunnings says the store may choose to have him relocated by authorities if his safety, or the safety of customers, is put at risk. Hopefully, the little guy will move along on his own before it comes to that.

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