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Camera Catches Coyote Crossing Special Bridge Built Just For Him

They can't wait to see who else crosses too πŸ’š

A large highway, I-90, cuts right through a natural habitat, and while it's crucial for transportation between the east and west parts of Washington state, it also is home to so many animals who can be injured or killed from trying to cross it. 

So people decided to invent something special that would extend the forest over the road and help animals survive.

Coyote crossing wildlife bridge

A coalition of people invested a lot of money and time into planning a series of special wildlife bridges, lush with plants and greenery to help guide the animals safely across. 

Considering countless animals are killed on roads every year across the U.S., inventions like these bridges are steps toward sharing the land more harmoniously with wildlife. 

Wildlife bridge is saving animal lives

The first of 20 bridges in the works was just completed — and a camera has already caught footage of an animal making good use of the invention

Little did that coyote know just how excited people would be about him safely crossing the highway near the Snoqualmie Pass. 

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) tweeted a short video of his safe journey — and couldn't resist drawing a parallel to a particularly accident-prone cartoon coyote, Wile E. Coyote, too. 

"This coyote safely crossed the highway, avoiding traffic, anvils, ACME rockets & roadrunners!" WSDOT wrote.

All 20 bridges are expected to be completed by 2029.