Doctor Performs CPR On Dead Bird — And Brings Her Back To Life

"I was stubborn. I did not give up."

This is Dr. Airton Aurino Fernandes, a physician from Brazil.

Over the course of 39 years in this profession, he has saved countless human lives. But recently, Fernandes' medical knowledge was instrumental in bringing a different sort of patient back from the brink of death.

Airton Aurino Fernandes

Last month, Fernandes and his nurse colleagues were traveling to attend to folks in the countryside when their car broke down on the rural road. The group continued on foot, walking about a mile until they reached another small town where they decided to stop to rest in an empty community dining hall.

It was then that a small bird, a rufous-bellied thrush, flew inside the hall and crashed hard against a window trying to get out. Fernandes, an animal lover, rushed to check on the bird, now motionless on the floor. He found no signs of life.

"She was dead," Fernandes told The Dodo. Still, the good doctor refused to accept it: "I tried to revive her with heart massages and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

Airton Aurino Fernandes

For the next 10 minutes, Fernandes continued performing CPR on the lifeless animal. With each passing moment, his efforts seemed more and more to be in vain.

"Even I could not imagine that the bird would respond," Fernandes said. "But I was stubborn. I did not give up."

Then, to everyone's astonishment, the bird suddenly sprang back to life — a remarkable moment caught on video.

"Thank God it worked!" Fernandes said. "I was surprised and quite happy!"

The lucky bird was then taken outside and placed by a bush to regain her energy. Fernandes and the others watched eagerly as she, after a while, began to peck and primp her feathers — and then take flight again: "It was really very beautiful," the doctor said.

Fernandes confirmed that, while he's performed CPR on people many times, this experience with the bird was a first. As one who has dedicated his life to saving others, Fernandes believes all living creatures are worth the effort.

"I have a motto: We must always be attentive to help our fellow humans, our fauna and our flora. And to raise awareness to our children so we can always have a better world. It depends on positive action from each of us."

Although CPR is effective in helping to revive struggling birds, it's a procedure best left to professionals. For more information on what to do in the event of a bird collision on glass, check out this article with helpful tips