Bees Work Together To Open Container Of Stolen Honey

Team 👏 Work 👏

Justice never tasted sweeter — just ask these bees.

Evidently, while flying around on colony business one day, a familiar scent in the air reached their highly-acute antennae. The source of that scent was none other than the fruit of their labor. 

It was honey. Stolen honey.


Someone, it seems, had bottled up a batch of the bees' sugary concoction and closed it up tight with a lid. That person had thought, perhaps, that would prevent them from reaching what was rightfully theirs.

But, as you’ll see, that person was wrong. 

Working together as a team, the bees managed to reclaim their prize:

It's impossible to say for certain, of course, whether these particular bees are part of the domestic hive that produced the honey. But, if that is the case, chances are they're not running low on the stuff back home.

To keep their hives healthy and thriving, ethical beekeepers typically should only take bees' surplus honey — leaving an ample amount to be enjoyed by the beautiful bugs who worked so hard to make it.