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Bear In Backyard Has A Blast Playing With This Ball He Found

"The boys loved it and could not stop giggling."

First, this bear found a ball — and then he had a ball.

With chilly weather fast approaching, bears can typically be found foraging for food to plump up ahead of their long winter sleep. But apparently this particular bear decided to take a break from future planning — and start living in the moment instead.

The other day, Scott Willhite was at home in Colorado when he noticed the bear strolling through his backyard. Though that unexpected visitor may have initially been in search of a snack, something else caught his fancy.

It was a soccer ball, left outside in the snow. And suddenly the bear’s plans changed.

Here’s video of what happened next:

Sure, the foam soccer ball was pretty much destroyed in the process, but Willhite and his family were delighted to watch the scene unfold regardless. It's not every day a bear drops by their backyard to play.

“The boys loved it and could not stop giggling,” Willhite told Storyful. “The ball, however, did not fare well.”