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Entire Beach Comes Together To Save Dozens Of Whales Who Wash Ashore

They refused to give up until the pod was safe ❤️️

When people arrived at a beach in Saint Simons, Georgia, on Tuesday, expecting a relaxing summer day, they were shocked to discover an entire pod of pilot whales had washed up on the shore. The whales were splashing around frantically, trying to get themselves back out to sea. There were somewhere between 40 and 50 whales lined up down the beach. 

It wasn’t hard to see that these whales needed help — and so the entire beach sprang into action

Without hesitation, the beachgoers splashed into the water and began working together to try and push the whales back out into the ocean before it was too late. Strangers quickly became friends as adults and children alike ran up and down the shore, pitching in wherever they were needed most. 

Those who couldn’t help with the actual pushing helped out by splashing water on the whales, trying to keep them cool and hydrated while they were exposed to the hot sun. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was quickly contacted, and the beachgoers continued to do their part as everyone waited for their arrival.

While beachgoers shouldn't return animals stranded alone to the water without contacting a professional, as they often wash up because they are sick, in this case it was clear the animals were likely healthy but lost since an entire pod washed up.

Before rescuers had even arrived, the beachgoers had managed to get most of the whales a safe distance away from shore, saving their lives. Over the past several days, the DNR has continued to keep a close eye on the pod as they’re still fairly close to shore, and will continue to monitor them until they’re sure that they’re all safe. 

“While stranding is a known natural occurrence, the only thing we can do is to continue pushing them out to sea,” Clay George, a senior wildlife expert with the DNR, said in a press release

Unfortunately, three of the whales from the pod passed away, but the rest seem to be doing well after the ordeal. The entire pod will hopefully continue to make their way farther and farther back out to sea, and will continue to thrive thanks to the compassion and concern of dozens of beachgoers who did everything they could to help. 

Check out the full video of this amazing rescue below: