Baby Rabbits Fall Asleep In The Shape Of A Heart Right After Being Rescued


A woman was out walking when she passed by a group of boys carrying a bag with three baby wild rabbits inside. She overheard the boys say the babies’ mother had been killed — and that they were planning on hurting the poor rabbits

Immediately, the woman confronted the boys and took the rabbits from them, and then quickly contacted the RSPCA. Krissy Raine, an inspector with the RSPCA, went out to collect the rabbits and then took them to the vet to get checked out. Luckily, they seemed to be doing just fine, so they were transferred into the care of a local wildlife expert. 

As soon as the tiny orphans were settled in their temporary home, they huddled up together to get some rest … 

baby rabbits

… and fell asleep in the shape of a heart, as if to show their rescuers how grateful they were to them for saving their lives. 

After everything they’d been through, the rabbit babies were so happy to cuddle together in a big pile, and they couldn’t have been cuter all squashed up against each other. 

baby rabbits

“The kits are about 4 weeks old and are eating and drinking well so I’m hopeful that they will survive and be able to be released back into the wild soon,” Raine said in a press release.

The RSPCA doesn’t have any information about the boys who found the rabbits at this time, but will be investigating to make sure nothing like this happens again.

“If anyone has any specific information about them please call our appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and ask to speak to me,” Raine said.

In the meantime, everyone's grateful that these little rabbits are getting a second chance at life, and will hopefully eventually be released back into the wild where they belong.

If you’d like to help other animals in need, you can donate to the RSPCA