Brave Baby Buffalo Protects His Mom From Scary Elephant

"This must be the best sighting I have ever had in my life."

This wee buffalo might be just a baby, but what he lacks in size is more than made up for by his foolhardy spirit.

The little guy was recently spotted out with his mom at a watering hole in South Africa's famous Kruger National Park. Turns out though, they were not alone. A curious elephant decided to drop by too and began to approach the buffalo family — but as video captured by tourist Andrew Cohen shows, the reception he received was far from welcoming.

"This baby wasn’t having any of it!" Cohen told the website LatestSighting.

From Cohen's perspective, the calf's scrappiness wasn't so called for; the elephant was probably just curious. Fortunately, that massive pachyderm was apparently understanding enough to know not to push back against the fussy youngster:

"It was almost as though he sensed that this was an innocent newborn and that it didn’t mean any harm," said Cohen, who counts himself lucky for having witnessed such an unusual scene unfold.

"This must be the best sighting I have ever had in my life."