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Tiniest Jewel Thief Gets Caught Making Off With The Biggest Haul

He looks so determined 💎

Apparently, rummaging through people's picnics or raiding their kitchens for crumbs just wasn't enough for one opportunistic ant.

This little thief had his eyes set on a much more valuable prize.


A fascinating video has been making the rounds on the internet in recent days, and it's easy to see why. The clip, purportedly taken by a diamond wholesaler in India, shows a lone ant making off with one of those precious stones that had been left on the table.

What interest an ant would have in a diamond is unclear — perhaps he mistook it for a sugar crystal? In any case, the ant seems determined to carry the loot back to his queen.

Here's footage of the theft in action:

Given the exorbitant price of diamonds, and the fact that he was caught in the act, chances are better than not that the person filming recovered the nearly-stolen jewel (humanely, we hope).

But it just goes to show that, although tiny, ants are pretty darn tenacious.

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