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Impatient Great Dane Doesn't Want To Wait His Turn For Petting

Dinky the Great Dane is having a hard time staying patient, because it's petting time, and he could use some belly-rubs. But apparently he has to wait his turn? What kind of utter malarky is this?

While his brother Ro-Ro is getting "lovies," Dinky will have to relegate himself to the couch. But that doesn't mean he's going to refrain from voicing his opinion on the matter.

... Still not his turn? Gosh, this is taking forever! His human has two hands, shouldn't one of them be free?

Ugh. Time to pull out the dramatic card and do some pouting.

Don't worry, Dinky! You'll get your turn before you know it.

You can watch (and hear!) Dinky's predicament below, and see a few more of his antics with Romeo and Peanut here.

(YouTube: Ron Cameron)

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