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Puppy Trapped In Well Knew To Keep Crying For Help

The perfect people found him, and worked so hard to get him safe.

When a tiny puppy fell into a deep well in India, he immediately began swimming around frantically, trying to stay afloat. Luckily for him, the water was filled with trash that the puppy could lean against so that he wouldn’t drown. The poor puppy was so scared and terrified but refused to give up — and began crying as loud as he possibly could, until finally, someone heard him.

Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about the puppy after someone heard him crying desperately for help. Rescuers quickly rushed out to the well and found the puppy swimming in circles, crying over and over and over again. 

Even though there was a lot of garbage for the puppy to perch on, his rescuers had no idea how long he’d been in there, and they knew he was probably exhausted. They began to prepare to send someone down into the well, wanting to get to the puppy as quickly as possible before he ran out of energy to keep himself afloat. 

Very carefully, one of the rescuers was lowered down into the well … 

… and was able to reach out and grab hold of the tiny puppy. The puppy seemed to realize the man was there to help him, and waited patiently in one spot until his rescuer had reached him. 

Once the man had a firm grip on the puppy, the rescuers above began to raise both of them back up to safety … 

… until they were out of the well, and the little puppy was finally safe. 

Rescuers dried the puppy off and checked him over, and were delighted to find that he was perfectly OK. He somehow didn’t sustain any injuries from his ordeal, and although he was a little confused and panicked, he eventually calmed down with the help of his rescuers. 

If the little puppy hadn’t been crying for help so loudly, he may have drowned in that well. Instead, he never gave up, and the right people heard him and were able to get him to safety. 

Watch the full video of this incredible rescue below: 

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