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I'm sick of my pet chickens and here's what I'm going to do about it

I'm sick of my pet chickens and here's what I'm going to do about it When we moved from the city to the country five years ago we dreamed of having our own pet chickens and eating their eggs. We got cute little Peakin Banthams, which are about half the size of a regular chicken and they lay delicious little eggs. They were so cute running around the garden scratching and sunbathing. Having chickens was a dream come true.

Our fascination with these "goldfish of the garden" has passed. While some have gone due to natural causes, five years on we still have a flock of five chickens and one rooster. So what are we going to do about these unwanted pets?

Firstly let's consider what I will not be doing. I will not be taking them to one of the already over-burdened animal shelters. I will not be ending their lives by one of the neck breaking or cutting methods so commonly employed. I will not be neglecting these animals that no more chose to be under my care than they can now choose not to be. I am responsible for these sentient beings. What I am going to do is suck it up and continue to care for these animals just as if it was a new experience!

Pets are for life and I understand and honor this responsibility. I may be at the point where I no longer extract specific pleasure from my chickens, but their welfare and care is my responsibility. We need to move beyond considering animals through a framework of human pleasure and respect them as sentient beings that have lives of their own. I will provide for my chickens in every way, just as I did during times of greater enthusiasm and I will look after each of them until their natural dying day. This is the duty part of being a pet owner. Think long and hard before you take any animal as a pet โ€“ you owe your pets the very best.