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'Ikea Monkey' Once Kept As Pet Is Finally A Monkey Again

Three years after he was spotted wandering a Toronto shopping center alone, the internet superstar dubbed the "Ikea Monkey" is doing just fine.

In a new interview, a volunteer at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary told VICE the once frightened baby monkey has grown into a mischievous adolescent who loves peanut butter and throwing around his toys.

Raised by humans as an illegal pet, the Japanese macaque named Darwin lacked confidence and was unsure how to act around other monkeys when he first arrived at the sanctuary, according to staff.

Slowly, however, Darwin has been able to rid himself of dysfunctional behaviors and learn how to interact with other macaques.

Now, says sanctuary volunteer Daina Liepa, Darwin might even be ready to join a monkey "family" of his own.

"We're hoping that we can introduce him to two macaques, Cody and Puglsey," Liepa told VICE. "So we're hoping ... that they'll get on well, so their enclosures will be accessible to each other but then with the shift doors, we can separate them if necessary."

One thing Darwin won't have, however, is his famous coat.

"Monkeys shouldn't be wearing nappies, monkeys shouldn't be on a leash, and they shouldn't be wearing coats" said Liepa. "It reminds you of what happens with baby monkeys - they should be free to jump and run and cuddle with their mothers. But now he's definitely a monkey again."

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