Iguana Loves Riding Shotgun Just As Much As A Dog

Dogs are sort of famous for having fun, and sometimes other animals want in on that action too. Like this iguana.

He probably saw a dog enjoying the freedom of sticking his head out the window and decided that he didn't want to miss out ... so, he gave it a try.

YouTube/America's Funniest Home Videos

YouTube/America's Funniest Home Videos

His smile says it all. This iguana doesn't need to be a dog to enjoy car rides. He's doing it very well, if he does say so himself.

And he's not the only iguana who'd like to be a dog - this guy comes running to his owner after work, and Zolton, another car-riding iguana, also knows the joys of letting your head hang out the window while the car zooms off on another adventure. He's even got some tunes playing. Man (iguana) after my own heart.

Iguanas might not be so different from dogs, after all. Now they just need to learn to play fetch!

Check out the video of the iguana riding in the car along with some other animals doing crazy things:

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